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OpticaSoftware GUI Development Page

How to start the GUI (3 ways):

  1. Choose "Start Optica Software Session." from the Mathematica Help menu Bar
  2. You can manually start the software by typing :
    • Needs ["Rayica`Rayica`"]
    • Needs ["Wavica`Wavica`"]
    • RealTimeControls[]
  3. Alternately, use the palettes menu for starting the GUI

Main System Table/Menu:

Database Finder:

Some component dialogs:

Bottom buttons:

Show Script: Displays the Rayica code that is used to define the component, and puts the script in the "Text Panel " area. Press this after filling in values and options required to define your component.

Auto Create Script Checkbox: If checked, then you don't have to click on "Show Script" before "Add To System", "Insert Row" , "Replace Row" or "Show Component" However, you must unselect this if you need to manually change the "Text Panel" area.

Add To System: Adds script from "Text Panel" area to the last row of the system table. Press "Show Script" first.

Insert Row: Highlight a row from the system table using your mouse to make a selection. Pressing this will insert the component script from the "Text Panel" area to the system table. Press "Show Script" first.

Replace Row: Highlight a row from the system table using your mouse. Pressing the Replace Row button will replace that row with the component defined in the "Text Panel" area. Press "Show Script" first.

Show Component: Displays graphics of the script in the "Text Panel" area. Press"Show Script" first.

Clear: Clears all text fields. Note that if an option field is left blank, the default value is used.

Reset to defaults: Resets the Options to default values.

Help: Maybe of the labels for the options and values have a "ToolTipText." Please your mouse on a label and wait a few seconds for the ToolTop to appear. Not all dialogs have this yet. Also, you can get help in your Mathematica notebook using the ? command on component function names and options.

  • for example ?DovePrism, Options[DovePrism]

Real time sliders:

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