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You don't have to be a lens designer to get the results you want with our tools!

Our tools enable you to quickly explore different variations of your optical system!

We support arbitrary-precision calculations!

If you don't use Mathematica already, our products will make it worth your while!

Welcome Macintosh users!

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Optica Software Offers New Products
Optica Software offers a new suite of optical design products that go far beyond the features of our original Optica product.

Our software tools allow scientists and engineers to flexibly specify novel and innovative optical systems for both project development and conceptual validation purposes.

On-line Product Information
Visit our Products, Support, and FAQs pages for information on our line of products.

Visit our on-line Store to immediately purchase and electronically download our products.

Visit the Wolfram Research web site to learn more about Mathematica.

Rayica replaces and outpaces Optica
Rayica far outstrips both the performance and functionality of our original Optica product. In addition, Rayica's documentation has been completely rewritten and is far more extensive than ever before.

Rayica performs geometric, nonsequential, polarization ray-trace calculations of optical systems in three-dimensional space.

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Wavica models Physical Optics
Wavica builds on the functionality of Rayica and Mathematica to calculate wavefront interference and diffraction, Gaussian beam propagation, ABCD matrix models, and analytic representations of optical systems.

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