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Youtube video of Dr. Barnhart showing Optica and Beamwise working together

Watch Optica Software founder and creator Dr. Donald Barnhart in this video!

Youtube video of Dr. Barnhart showing Optica

Optica Interactive Examples

This ray-trace animation shows how white light refracts through a diamond solitaire crystal. Due to the high refractive index of diamond, the light bounces many times within the crystal and creates a colorful display when it refracts back out.

Workshops Workshops

Click to WinWe are working on making improvements to our software and our service, and we're doing this by speaking with past customers and people working with optical modeling software. Your help would be appreciated in completing our on-line survey.

On-line Product Information
Visit our Products, Support, and FAQs pages for information on our line of products. Visit our on-line Store to immediately purchase and electronically download our products. Credit card transactions are in a secure site and have the VeriSign seal for your protection.

Welcome Macintosh users!

Our software tools allow scientists and engineers to flexibly specify novel and innovative optical systems for both project development and conceptual validation purposes.

You can make dynamic interactive Mathematica Player demonstrations using Optica and Mathmeatica

LensLab is our entry level optical design, lens design, optical raytracing package.

Optica performs geometric, nonsequential, polarization ray-trace calculations of optical systems in three-dimensional space. It is great for complex lens design and lightsource illumination design.

Optica builds on the functionality of Mathematica to calculate wavefront interference and diffraction, Gaussian beam propagation, ABCD matrix models, and analytic representations of optical systems. Enables real-time control and optimization of your optical system component parameters with Mathematica 6/7 sliders, locator buttons and input fields.

Prefer reading a hardcopy?
Download the basic Optica User Guide formatted in PDF for print-out! Check out the support page for examples and documentation.

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Visit the Wolfram Research web site to learn more about Mathematica.

Update your product copy if it is older than build-date: Oct 2017

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